The Portrait of Staffan Normark

Portrait of the secretary of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Staffan Normark

The Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences are responsible for selecting the Nobel Laureates in Physics and Chemistry, as well as the Laureates for the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

Each year when the Nobel laureates have been chosen, they receive a private phone call from the Secretary General of the Royal Academy of Sciences, announcing the exciting news.

A press conference is held at the Academy the following day announcing to the world the Laureates of that specific year.

In May 2015 Susanne was assigned to paint a portrait of Staffan Nordmark, (The secretary general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 2010- 2015). Susanne is a true abstract artist. Staffan who had admired her previous work on the Nobel Diplomas wished for her to paint his portrait. She did not hesitate long on the matter and worked intensely on the project so as to be on time for the reveal before his retirement at the end of that year.

The portrait now sits amongst the other portraits of previous secretary generals of the Academy.

The portrait Susanne painted was of Staffan making “the phone call” to a Nobel Laureate. She travelled up to Stockholm to meet Staffan and set up the scene for the portrait.

Staffan posed, sitting at his desk. On his desk was a “Prawn sandwich” which was a tradition that Staffan had when making the phone call which is depicted in the painting. A very special moment to remember.

In May 2015 I was assigned to paint a portrait of Staffan Nordmark, Secretary of the Royal Academy of Sciences.